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CE marking

CE marking is essentially a 'passport' that allows goods to pass freely throughout Europe without manufacturers having to carryout further testing or certification in order to prove that their products meets the legal requirements in each member state.
In order to affix the CE marking to a product, the manufacturer has to perform certain tasks, defined in the 'harmonised' Euro standard (HEN) or European Technical Approval (ETA).
Some of the tasks must be performed by a Notified Body (NB). NBs are either certification bodies (such as TRADA Technology's sister company BM TRADA Certification) or testing laboratories (such as TRADA Technology's sister company Chiltern International Fire). BM TRADA and Chiltern Fire are both fully Notified Bodies.
Only a few HENs and ETAs have been completed so far, which is why so few construction products on the market currently carry CE marking. As more and more HENs and ETAs start to appear, CE marking will become more commonplace.

  Panel products - testing, appraisal and certification

Panel products are used in a multitude of applications, often performing more than one function at a time. It is vital therefore that the panel specified is suitable for the particular end-use. For panels used in structural applications, the characteristic design and performance data must be available.
CE marking has been possible since April 2003 and has been a requirement in most of Europe since April 2004. For details of our CE marking services.
TRADA Technology provides testing in accordance with EN test methods listed in the harmonised standard EN 13986. Other methods which meet DIN and ASTM requirements are also possible.
Key properties involved in evaluating compliance with the product standard include:
· bond quality (plywood)
· bending
· internal bond
· moisture resistance and thickness swelling
For Initial Type Testing (ITT) purposes for specific end-uses, the following test methods can be carried out:
· EN 789 & EN 1058 ᾿bending, tension, compression and shear
· walls, floors, roofs, impact and point load
· reaction to fire
· water vapour permeability
· mechanical durability
We can conduct experimental trials to evaluate the external performance of panels and coating systems and residual performance after various exposure lengths.
We are directly involved with standards development, both at BSI and CEN level. We have been actively involved in the development of new test methods, which places us in a strong position to assist manufacturers to develop new products.
BM TRADA Certification (TRADA Technology's sister company) runs Q-Mark product certification schemes for panel products and is a Notified Body for CE Marking purposes.

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